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Wine & Gold Nation offers four membership groups, exclusive experiences, and perks designed for Cavs fans of every age!

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Official Fan Club of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Memberships are tailored to engage Cavs-loving fans of every age with another fun way to embrace their passion for the team without the ticket commitment. Whether you are the Cavs-loving parent of a newborn baby, a spirited youngster, a student about to head off to college, or a fan looking to bond with Clevelanders, you have a place in Wine & Gold Nation! This is not a “one-size-fits all” club, check out the four different fan club tiers below and the exclusive perks included and follow the four easy steps below to become an official member of the nation!

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A Fan Club for Every Age!


Newborn to Age 5

Cavalittles members are fans who were born with the Wine & Gold spirit! The Cavalittles membership pack includes a t-shirt, plush basketball, sippy cup, picture frame and a bag tag.

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Kids Club

Ages 6 to 12

Cavs Kids Club members are the future of ALL FOR ONE. ONE FOR ALL. The Cavs Kids Club membership pack includes a t-shirt, stylish backpack, shoelaces, and a water bottle.

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Ages 13 to 17

Cavalry members are generation Wine & Gold and this membership is the perfect way for teens to show how truly ALL IN they are! The Cavalry membership pack includes a wireless bluetooth speaker, soft t-shirt, and water bottle.

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Wine & Gold Nation

Ages 18+

Wine & Gold Nation members are passionate Cavs fans who want to show off their pride and connect with Cavs fans across the nation. The Wine & Gold Nation membership pack includes a long sleeve soft hooded t-shirt and key chain.

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