Wine & Gold Nation: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my Wine & Gold Nation membership automatically re-enroll each year?
  2. Yes. Your membership dues will be automatically withdrawn from the card on file on January 15th of each year. You can manage your payment settings by logging into your profile online at

  3. How do I opt-out of my Wine & Gold Nation membership?
  4. Sign into your profile at and elect to the "memberships" page. To opt out of your paid account, click "unsubscribe" button next to your name. To opt out of your free account, click the "remove" button next to your name.

  5. Does the yearly membership start at the beginning of each CAVS season or the start of a new year?
  6. The yearly membership begins on January 1st each calendar year.

  7. Will there be new membership kit items offered each year?
  8. Yes. We will offer new membership kit items each year for automatic membership renewals.

  9. Is there a deadline for new members to enroll each year?
  10. 2016 membership enrollments will conclude on Oct. 31st. Early Enrollment for 2017 memberships will begin on November 1st.

  11. How long will it take for my membership kit to arrive?  
  12. Due to high demand, your starter kit will take approximately 2-4 weeks to arrive.

  13. Is there a maximum number of people I can enroll for memberships at once?
  14. Yes. You may enroll a maximum of 10 Wine & Gold Nation memberships at one time.

  15. How do I go about updating my profile information (address, e-mail, credit card info.)?
  16. Visit and click “Sign-In.” Elect to “edit my profile,” which will allow you to edit or make changes to any personal information associated with your account.

  17. How do I replace a lost membership credential?
  18. If you need to replace a lost membership credential, please e-mail your request to Please note there is a $5.00 replacement fee.  

  19. Do I need to bring my membership credential to events or games?
  20. Your membership card is used to check-in at exclusive Wine & Gold Nation events and it can be used to receive a giveaway at games at Fan Club Central.  

  21. Can I pay for my membership with cash or a check?
  22. All memberships are enrolled through our website and we only accept a credit card.

  23. Do Wine & Gold UNITED members receive a discount on Wine & Gold NATION memberships?
  24. Everyone in Wine & Gold Nation pays the same membership dues. No Discounts Apply.

  25. What is the difference between Wine & Gold UNITED and Wine & Gold NATION?
  26. Wine & Gold UNITED is the membership club exclusive to Cavaliers season ticket holders. Wine & Gold NATION is the official fan club of the Cavaliers. Wine & Gold Nation is tailored to engage Cavs-loving fans of all ages, without the ticket commitment.

  27. Do Wine & Gold Nation memberships vary based on age?
  28. All Wine & Gold Nation memberships are priced at $40.00 per member.